Traditional Austrian food in Bad Kleinkirchheim

In the most southern and sunniest Austrian province you will find the idyllic foodie region of Bad Kleinkirchheim. In line with the region’s Culinary Nights event, guests are invited to experience the diversity of traditional Carinthian cuisine every Friday and Saturday this autumn on an unforgettable culinary journey from 17.9 to 9.10.21.

Culinary Summit Meeting

Delicious traditional Austrian food has developed across Bad Kleinkirchheim’s valleys and basins over the centuries, which draw on regional and – in particular – sustainable produce. Meat and dairy products are sourced from local farmers, and vegetables are selected according to season. It is precisely this regionality that can be experienced at the Culinary Nights, a delightful collaboration between the "Genussland Kärnten" producers and the Kirchheimer chefs. Carinthian cuisine can now be experienced in Bad Kleinkirchheim on a whole new level.

Bazaar of Regional Delights

Each weekend has its own enticing, regional theme, and the Carinthian specialities can be discovered every Saturday afternoon from 2pm at the Bazaar of Regional Delights in the Kurpark.

With atmospheric background music, the delightful products can of course be sampled and purchased, meaning that you can keep enjoying them when back at home! Local drinks from "Grantnwasser" (cranberry water) to fine wines provide ample refreshment. 

Diverse Weekends of Indulgence

Come evening, the participating inns and restaurants invite you to enjoy the produce. Local chefs create true Sunshine Moments with their delicious multiple-course menus, proving that food is the way to the heart. The dishes only contain ingredients supplied by the "Genussland Kärnten" producers – and you can taste that! What’s more, the producers are there on hand to reveal interesting facts about their outstanding products in between the courses.

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Genussland Kärnten – Regional Guidance

In "Genussland Kärnten", Bad Kleinkirchheim has found a partner that pays attention to the regionality and authenticity of Carinthian produce, increasing its resourceful players’ visibility and strength. Many local producers, processors, hosts, trading partners and educators have picked up on this impressive philosophy, following its guideline of invaluable and authentic Carinthian produce. A quality seal provides the basis for this, guaranteeing Carinthia as the source. "Genussland Kärnten" can thus be used as guidance for consumers who value regionality.