In the Bad Kleinkirchheim hiking region you can experience the gentle alpine world of the Carinthian Nockberge up close.

Whether on your own, as a couple, with the family or accompanied by a Biosphere Park ranger – a hike through the Nockberge is sure to be an unforgettable experience, delivering unique Sunshine Moments!

Hiking throughout Bad Kleinkirchheim with pleasure

The hiking trails softly wind their way through the breathtaking Biosphere Park landscape, providing spectacular views.

The educational trails and information boards throughout the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve make your hiking holiday even more interesting, supplying useful background information.


Our secret tip:

We highly recommend a walk with a qualified Biosphere Park ranger!

This is hiking in Carinthia at its best! The experienced mountain experts will astonish you with their impressive knowledge of the entire area and its inhabitants. Learn which animals live in the individual forests and what plants are flourishing around you. Listen carefully to the sound of the birds and the ranger will tell you which one can be heard and what their songs mean.

Don’t forget your binoculars, as there is plenty to be discovered on these trails: chamois, deer, marmots or you might even spot a wood grouse if it dares venture out of its hiding place. Unforgettable Sunshine Moments reward every step in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region!

Learn to pay attention to your surroundings on a guided hike, discovering the little things you might not have noticed before. You will never walk through nature in quite the same way again.

Hiking trails & routes

Here you can find the most beautiful hiking trails in and around the hiking region Bad Kleinkirchheim:


Discover the Nockberge by foot

The Salzburger Lungau and Carinthian Nockberge were added to the list of UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in 2012. An unparalleled biodiversity can be found across this area of 1,500 square metres, and you might bump into shy chamois or canny marmots as you hike. The vegetation will impress you with its beauty too. The alpine rose displays its pretty petals, the fragrant pines are particularly worth seeing in golden autumn and you will pick up on the distinct smell of the healing Speik time and again, the unimposing alpine valerian.

Countless hiking trails lead you past the region’s lakes and pastures, offering summiteers incredible views of the Southern Alps. Get a glimpse of one of Carinthia’s best known mountains - the Dobratsch - for example, the Julian Alps, the Carnic Alps or even the Karawanks. Bad Kleinkirchheim is one of Austria’s most beautiful hiking areas, with tours ranging from leisurely to challenging. Some stages of the fabulous long-distance Alpe-Adria-Trail and Nockberge-Trail lead through the Nockberge too, and you can always stop and refuel at the alpine huts along the way, serving traditional local delicacies.

Karlbad – historic wellness experience in the Biosphere Park

After hiking through the Nockberge, the ancient Karlbad draws those who are interested in bathing culture. Experience the original charm of spa tradition and relax as they used to. There is no use looking for electricity or plugs here, where time appears to have stood still, so let the worries and stresses of everyday life melt away. The 500-year-old Carinthian bathing house counts as one of the oldest of its kind in the Alps.

But what awaits you in Bad Kleinkirchheim’s oldest wellness establishment?

Before Georg Aschbacher and his son Hans-Jörgcan fire up the vessels, allowing the water in the wooden tubs to provide warm Sunshine Moments for the day guests and occupants of their seven guest rooms, a great deal of preparation is required. Hours beforehand, mineral-rich stones must be heated.

Bath attendant Georg subsequently stacks them in six layers with alternating wood and lights fire. After more than two hours, the red-hot stones are placed in tubs with ice-cold, radonic spring water. The beneficialbaths, as taken in the 17th and 18th centuries to prevent gout and rheumatism, can finally begin.

Contact Karlbad:
Telephone: +43 664 968 39 26
Address: Winkl 50, 9862 Winkl

UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Carinthian Nockberge

The Nockberge Biosphere Reserve stretches across the four Carinthian municipalities of Bad Kleinkirchheim, Ebene Reichenau, Krems in Kärnten and Radentheinin the south of Austria. It can be defined between the Liesertal (in an imaginary line from Eisentratten to Radenthein in the west), from Bad Kleinkirchheim to Patergassen in the south, from Patergassen via Ebene Reichenau to Turracherhöhe and along the border to Innerkrems in the north. The Biosphere Park is generally divided into three zones: the buffer zone below the tree line, thecore area above and the transition area surrounding it.The people of the Nockberge have been living in harmony with nature for centuries, and have devoted themselves to the conservation of their natural and cultural landscapes. Their aim is to largely, if not completely, maintain these as they are. In addition, they wish to protect the wildlife,the vegetation and their natural environments, allowing you to come face to face with nature when hiking in Carinthia.

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim
Sensenkurs im Biosphärenpark Nockberge © Biosphärenpark Nockberge

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim
Traumhafte Bergwelt im Biosphärenpark Nockberge © Franz Gerdl

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim
Tierbeobachtung – Murmeltiere im Biosphärenpark Nockberge © Biosphärenpark Nockberge

Contact Nockberge Biosphere Reserve:
Tel.: +43 (0)4275/665