E-Bike holidays Austria

The E-Bike has become irreplaceable for leisure cyclists in Austria. In addition to being a top mountain bike and trekking bike destination, the nock/bike region of Bad Kleinkirchheim is also a paradise for passionate E-Bikers.

And this is how biking is made easy.

The E-Bike multiplies the energy you generate when pushing the pedals via sophisticated technology, meaning that long distances and steep mountain trails can be covered with ease.

The increasing popularity of E-Bikes is easy to see, as ever more people are turning away from the classic mountain bike on holiday and opting for the more comfortable option of the electric bike.

Under the motto "tour without torture", you can explore the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge mountains easily with electric support. Save your energy for the breathtaking views along the region’s extensive trail network. This is the way to enjoy your bike holiday!

Logo Intersport Wulschnig
Logo Intersport Wulschnig

E-Mountain Bike hire

You don’t have an E-Bike? No problem. E-Bikes can easily be hired from the rental stations across the nock/bike region of Bad Kleinkirchheim, with trained staff on hand to advise. What’s more, there are plenty of charging stations throughout the E-Bike and leisure bike region of Bad Kleinkirchheim and its neighbouring Millstätter See region, as well as at their designated bike hotels.

Logo rent e-bike
Logo rent e-bike

Discover the nock / bike region Bad Kleinkirchheim with pleasure

Throughout Carinthia you can return your e-bikes at selected e-bike rental stations along the bike tours. In the Bad Kleinkirchheim region, too, you can enjoy the special comfort of "Carinthia rent e-bike".

At the Intersport-Rent Shop at the Kaiserburgbahn valley station, you can choose from a large selection of rental bikes - and off you go!

Before setting off on one of the bike routes, however, you should take your E-Bike to one of the practice circuits to familiarise yourself with it. The local guides will give useful advice on how to get the most out of your electric bike, and then there is nothing in the way of setting off on your climate-neutral E-Bike adventure through the Nockberge Biosphere Park or around Lake Millstatt! Simply choose one of the nock/bike region’s excursion destinations and enjoy your bike holiday in Carinthia to the full!

Explore the region on a bike tour following the marked cycling paths and trails. There are regular places to stop along the mountain routes, with stunning views of the surrounding landscape that will provide special Sunshine Moments.

Delightful Alpe-Adria cuisine

It goes without saying that you should have a break or end your tour at one of the regional inns or huts. Designated bike huts have all the provisions for a relaxing stop, such as E-Bike charging stations and repair kits.

So you see, you are well looked after all the way and can lean back and enjoy your bike holiday. Hearty Carinthian Alpe-Adria cuisine provides Sunshine Moments that go through the stomach, and is the best way to refuel after being out and about. The regional delicacies are influenced by three countries: Austria, Italy and Slovenia. Light, southern aromas fuse with traditional Carinthian cuisine, guaranteeing that your taste buds are in for a treat. The perfect end to your meal? A shot of "Zirbenschnaps" (pine schnapps), which is a local speciality.

4.	Mit dem E-Bike die Gipfel erobern © BRM Franz Gerdl
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