On the sunny side of the Alps, the locals teach you one thing in particular: how to enjoy life and food to the full. Wonderful dishes and culinary variety have developed across the valleys and basins of Carinthia throughout the centuries, and it’s easy to work up an appetite in the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge too.

Regional delights can be savoured wholeheartedly,as sustainability and regional produce are of utmost importance here.

Look forward to delicious Sunshine Moments!

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim
Kulinarische Nächte in Bad Kleinkirchheim © BRM Johannes Puch

Culinary nights20.9. - 12.10.2019

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Farmers‘ Markets

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim
Almkulinarik in der Region Bad Kleinkirchheim © BRM Johannes Puch


@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Farm shops

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Alpine huts

Slow Food in Carinthia

Over the past years, Slow Food has become an increasingly important topic throughout Carinthia, placing a focus on seasonal and regional produce.

The initiative is thus following a new path of sustainability and conscious enjoyment.

But Slow Food does not just concentrate on the philosophy of conscious enjoyment; it also encourages a critical analysis of "diet" and "food".

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

The aim is to convey an approach to the origin, production, processing and consumption of produce that reflects an awareness of responsibility, environment and health. Bad Kleinkirchheim is part of the Slow Food Villages project – places that enjoy the good life, aiming to regain their original role as communities of sustainable coexistence and food production.

This means thatin Bad Kleinkirchheim you can, for example, buy regional produce from the farmers’ markets, farm-gate sales and farm shops .

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