Discover Carinthia’s flow trails!

Adrian Krainer

Brought up in the Nockberge & local Sportschule Krainer bike guide

Our local pro and bike guide Adrian Krainer will accompany you along around 15 kilometres of flowy fun, on hand with tips and tricks on how to master the Flow Trail in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Europe's longest flow trail

15 km long

8% gradient at an altitude of 968 meters

Flow Country Trail in Bad Kleinkirchheim

A total altitude difference of around 1,000 meters and an average gradient of 8 percent await you along the fixed gravel track, with pumps, rollers, banked turns and tight bends guaranteeing variety.

Having arrived at the Kaiserburgbahn car park that looks out at the lowest part of the Flow Trail, the excitement will really kick in.

After unloading the bikes and putting your safety gear on it’s time to head to the lifts.

Ride safely from the mountain to the valley with the right bike and protective equipment

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge

What kind of mountain bike do you need for the Flowtrail?

You will feel safest on your own bike, of course, but we do recommend a mountain bike that is suitable for the terrain, a full suspension or hardtail with good shock absorbers, brakes and tyres.

Be sure to wear a helmet, knee and elbow protectors as well as gloves.

You can hire all equipment and bikes from the rental stations.

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge

Before heading out on the trail you should work on your technique

Make use of the 1,000 m² practice circuit with pump track at the Kaiserburgbahn valley station or test your skills at the nock/bike practice circuit in Feld am See.

Beginners and even pros can work on their weight distribution and braking free of charge on the pump track before heading out on the trail.

Gemütlich mit der Gondel zum Startpunkt auf die Kaiserburg © Luca De Franco
© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge

Up we go!

Those in possession of a Gravity Card or Bike Card Carinthia can head straight through the turnstile. All other bikers can select their desired ticket and purchase it on the spot.

Bad Kleinkirchheim’s flow trail season is from May to October. Find out about opening times and prices in advance.

A friendly member of staff will help you load your bike into the cable car. Now that’s what we call service!

Let's flow!

Having arrived at the top - charged with adrenaline at around 2,055 meters above sea level - you stand in front of the stone entrance to the Flow Trail.

Finally it’s time: Europe’s longest Flow Country Trail invites you on an incredible ride!

In the first section that covers four trail stages we glide from curve to curve and hill to hill, enjoying that unique flow feeling.

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge
Rund 15 Kilometer pures Bikevergnügen © Mathias Prägant

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge
Steilkurven, Pumps und Roller am Flowtrail © Mathias Prägant

After the first meters in the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge and past the Rossalmhütte, the trail merges into the second section, where it becomes flatter. Some muscle strength is required here at times and you have to start pedaling.

This gives you time to enjoy the panorama as you think back to the first curves.

Having arrived at the Maibrunn mountain station, you enter the third section.

TIP: Right next to the Flow Trail you will find the Maibrunnhütte, which is the first hut along the trail. The lovely sun terrace invites you to stop for a break!

  • For experienced bikers I would recommend a combination of flow and nature trails. The first meters along the Flowtrail, then along the Nock-Lake-Trail to the shores of picturesque Lake Brennsee in the family sports village Feld am See where the new Biker-Lounge awaits.

    Unser local Bikeguide Adrian Krainer © Gert Perauer
    © MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge
    " Adrian Krainer, Brought up in the Nockberge & local Sportschule Krainer bike guide

Europe´s longest Flow Country Trail

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Eingangsportal zu den Nock-Lake-Trails © Adrian Krainer
Eingangsportal zu den Nock-Lake-Trails © Adrian Krainer

Mountain bike tours around the Flow Trail

The Flow Trail is made up of 4 sections in total with a range of entry and exit points. It can be combined with various nock/bike routes and bike trails.

Combine the Flow Trail with the Nock-Lake-Trails, which lead straight to the shores of picturesque Lake Brennsee. You will find the exit gate for Nature Single Trails "T1 Bachweg-Trail" and "T20 Alter Almweg-Trail" that lead to Lake Brennsee right by the Maibrunnhütte after the first two Flow Trail sections.


nock/bike shuttle

After your ride you can relax in the new Biker-Lounge on the shores of Lake Brennsee and enjoy a refreshing dip.

When you are ready, the new nock/bike shuttle service will take you and your bike back to Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Find an overview of departure times HERE.

We think we have now arrived at the best and most fun part of the trail, which you can tell by the big smiles on our faces. From now on we’re in the forest and it’s like riding a roller coaster as you pass the individual pumps, rollers and tight bends. The shape crews really went all out here and refined the Flowtrail with playful jumps and even higher curves.

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge
Mountainbike Spaß auf rund 15 Kilometern © Mathias Prägant

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge
Flow Country Trail Bad Kleinkirchheim © Mathias Prägant

© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge
Flowtrail Erlebnis mit rund 8% durchschnittlichem Gefälle © Mathias Prägant

TIP: Before the trail enters its fourth and final section, we recommend a break at the relaxed Unterwirthütte.

Think regional specialities and refreshing drinks!

Looking into the valley at the beginning of the fourth section you might think that the fun is almost over; but don’t be fooled.

The trail continues in a playful manner with even trickier bends that require more technical ability. The Flow Trail has been fitted into its surroundings almost like a fairy tale forest, with man-made piles of stones decorating the edges.

As you look towards the valley station it’s time to enjoy the last meters of the Flow Trail near Lake Millstatt before heading back to the car park.

Those who have had enough can clean their bike at the washing station, load it into the car and end the day with a drink at Zum Sepp by the valley station. For everyone else, it’s up you go and back to the starting line!

A real flow trail adventure in Carinthia for mountain bikers of all ability levels.

Adrian's Top 5 Tips

nock/bike © BRM
© MBN - Millstätter See / Bad Kleinkirchheim / Nockberge

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From the beginning of May until the end of October there are various guided mountain bike tours and Flow Trail technique training sessions across all ability levels every week; and with the Sonnenschein Card they’re even free!

Those still wanting more can head from the bike to the water and try kayaking, stand-up paddling, surfing or sailing.

You will find information on the cable cars that are open, the opening times of the individual Flow Trail sections as well as the roller bobsleigh run on this map: