Bad Kleinkirchheim weather – make plans for your holiday in the region

The best way to plan ahead for your days off! With our weather forecast for Bad Kleinkirchheim and Feld am See you can design your stay in Carinthia around the weather. On bright sunny days that hike or bike tour is calling, and in winter the perfect conditions draw snow lovers to the slopes. Should the clouds suggest a summer thunderstorm then you can retire to the two local spas, enjoying nature’s spectacular display from the warm waters. There’s always something to do in amd around Bad Kleinkirchheim, no matter what the weather. This is what holidays should be like!

Snow report 01. February 2023

Bad Kleinkirchheim

Last snowfall:
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2023-02-01 11:20:51

Snow depth


Weather today, 01. February 2023

  • 03:00 partly cloudy
  • 06:00 brightly
  • 09:00 brightly
  • 12:00 brightly
  • 15:00 brightly
  • 18:00 brightly
  • 21:00 partly cloudy
  • 24:00 partly cloudy

wind in exposed higher regions: W to NW with 30 to 50, gusts up to 70 kmph
Quite sunny and friendly weather. Partly windy. More clouds later on.

tomorrow, 02. February 2023

  • 03:00 partly cloudy
  • 06:00 partly cloudy
  • 09:00 cloudy
  • 12:00 cloudy
  • 15:00 cloudy
  • 18:00 cloudy
  • 21:00 cloudy
  • 21:00 cloudy

wind in exposed higher regions: NW with 25 to 50, gusts up to 80kmph
Dense clouds from north and towards evening some rain drops possible. Snowline around 900m.

Friday, February 03

Mostly sunny, only in the north some more clouds but mostly dry and especially here strong northwesterly winds. Just in the evening in the north again snowshowers.

Saturday, February 04

In the south some sunny hours. In the north dense clouds but mostly dry and regional stormy again. Rather mild.

Sunday, February 05

Dense clouds from northwest and later on some slight snówshowers. Partly windy.

Monday, February 06

With partly strong northwesterly winds lots of clouds traverse and especially in the northern regions of Carinthia also some snow showers are expected.

Tuesday, February 07

Away from the main crest of the Tauern mostly quite sunny. Cold northerly winds.

01.02.2023 - 11:33 - Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik (ZAMG) - The weather experts in Carinthia