Discover the unique combination of hiking and nature. 

Keen hikers will love the nock/art hiking trails in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region! Experience the abundant landscape and regional way of life in combination with the significance of the thermal springs up close. The nock/art project offers a new, modern interpretation of this interplay, guaranteeing countless Sunshine Moments on your active break!

The nock/art hiking trails

Along the six nock/art premium hiking trails you can discover the gentle alpine world of the Carinthian Nockberge and the town of Bad Kleinkirchheim on leisurely village walks or exciting summit tours. In addition, all routes can be combined with the individual stages of the long-distance Alpe-Adria-Trail.

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Route 1: Kirchheimer Talrunde

This circular route starts at the Trattnig-Mühle, although various access and exit points make it a particularly appealing, diverse and buggy-friendly trail to get to know Bad Kleinkirchheim on. Enjoy wonderful views of the Kirchheimer Tal along the way. Strollers and hikers can explore both sides of the valley on this trail, switching between the "Schattseitn" (shady side) and the "Sunnseitn" (sunny side).

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Route 2: Feldpannalm-Runde

The Kaiserburgbahn takes you up the mountain to the starting point of the Feldpannalm-Runde. Cross the grass ridges that are so typical for the Nockberge to the Wöllaner Nock summit (2,145 m). From here you can enjoy an impressive view of the surrounding mountain world. Now it’s time to descend to the green pastures of the Feldpannalm for a well-deserved break at the alpine hut, before returning to the starting point along the Feldpann stream.

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Route 3: Wöllaner Nock-Alpinrunde

You can reach the beginning of the Wöllaner Nock-Alpinrunde by Kaiserburgbahn. Following the mountain ridges, this tour leads you to four summits: the Kaiserburg, Wöllaner Nock, Vorderer Wöllaner Nock and Pfaffeneck. The path around the Geigerhütte is characterised by a wonderful alpine landscape, with the "Lichteben" leading you back to the start of the alpine round.

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Route 4: Oswald-Bach-Alpinrunde

In the Bach district you will find great proof of historical craftsmanship, in the shape of the lime kiln, blacksmith, sawmill and other mills. Follow the trail from the Trattnig-Mühle along St. Oswald’s stream, mastering a slight ascent to its source. Here the Oswald-Bach-Alpinrunde becomes more challenging. The ever-changing route leads you through juicy green pastures up to the sparse "Krummseggenrasen" surrounding the Steinnock summit (2,197 m).

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Route 5: Nockberge Biosphärenpark-Runde

The Nockberge Biosphärenpark-Runde starts at the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach mountain station. The path takes you through the high-altitude nature reserve, with incredible views of the Großer Rosennock (2,440 m), Pfannnock (2,254 m) and Mallnock (2,226 m) summits and the unique natural and cultural landscape. Passing Lake Pfannnocksee, you can either detour to nearby summits or refuel at an alpine hut before returning to the starting point.

@ BRM Bad Kleinkircheim

Route 6: Mallnock-Alpinrunde

The centuries-old cattle trail used by the Kirchheimer farmers starts at the historical Wegerstadl, leading up a 700 m difference in altitude via the Brunnachgatter to the Mallnock summit (2,226 m). From here, enjoy fantastic views of the Nockalmstraße and the natural spectacles that reveal themselves to you. Over the Klomnock (2,331 m) you reach the Lärchenhütte and Falkerthaus, before following St. Oswald’s stream back to the start of the tour.

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