The hiking trails of the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains

The most beautiful hiking tours throughout the Nockberge Mountains

"Come on! Let’s go hiking in the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains!" Well-marked hiking trails guide you through a breath-taking and inspiring landscape.

Before you head out on the mountain or the trail, be sure to have the following items with you in your pack:

You may also wish to bring binoculars as well, as there is plenty to discover in the Nockberge Biosphere Park: such as groundhogs that peek out of their holes, fawns that wander shyly through the forest, and, for those who walk lightly, there may even be a glimpse of a wood grouse.

From hut to hut.

Enjoy the Alpine mountain landscapes, walk over the gently rolling hills and Alpine meadows and along the brooks. Stop off at one of the many traditional Alpine huts in the region and sample the local culinary delights. Bad Kleinkirchheim, the Nockberge region and the National Park all offer a comprehensive network of footpaths and plenty of opportunities for exercise. Lots of things to enjoy – just give it a try!

The best of the best: the most beautiful hiking trails and mountain tours in the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains

Family walk from Grundalm – Pfannnock

From the Grundalm, footpath 122 leads through a mixed forest of spruce, larch and Swiss stone pine to the Wolitzenhütte. From here, the route runs uphill via the Alpine meadows to the Unterer Bocksattel. Here, route 14 runs past the Pfannseen lakes and to the Pfannnock (2,254 m). The route back takes you from the Unterer Bocksattel around the ‘Rote Burg’ (an area of dolomite rock containing iron) and back along route 122 to the Grundalm, where ‘Silva Magica’ can be found: an exceptional nature park where the secrets of nature are shared with the visitors.

Altitude: 638 hm
Distance of route: 8,5 km
Ride time: app. 3,5 hours
Tour difficulty: moderate level

Predigerstuhl circular walk

Footpath 170 follows a comfortable route from the Erlacherhaus along a road to the Feldhütte (1,758 m). From here, it passes through an area of larch and mountain pine trees, climbing gently up to the Rosennock/Nassbodensee turn-off. If you are lucky, you might see some chamois on the section towards the Kleiner Rosennock. The route then runs past Nassbodensee below the Zunderwand and gently back up to the Predigerstuhl. Fantastic views of the Julian Alps can be enjoyed from here. Route 13 runs down to the Erlacher Bockhütte and via the road back to the start.

Altitude: 1.636 hm
Distance of route: 8,9 km
Ride time: app. 4 hours
Tour difficulty: moderate level

Circular walk to the Falkert

This walk starts in the car park at the Alte Schmiede craft museum in St. Oswald which offers insight into working life in times gone by. The footpath initially leads along a road to the Falkerthaus. From here, you follow footpath 11 past the Lärchenhütte before the route climbs gently up to the Hundsfeldscharte. Once here, follow footpath 109 on to the Falkert (2,308 m). The journey back follows footpath 12 via the Tanzboden and back to the start.

Altitude: 940 hm
Distance of route: 11 km
Ride time: app. 6 hours
Tour difficulty: moderate level

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