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Family holidays in Carinthia

Summer holidays with children in Austria’s sunny south

In Bad Kleinkirchheim, which borders the Nockberge Mountains Biosphere Park, you’ll find the perfect family holiday programme either in the thermal spas or in the mountains of Carinthia in Austria.

„Woohoo! We’re going to the Nockberge Mountains!” Children who have already been to the region only want one thing: that their next family holiday will also be in the Nockberge Mountains region. Mum and dad have nothing against it – in fact they are all for it. Mum is excited about her beauty treatments in the spa oasis of Bad Kleinkirchheim in Carinthia. Dad has had his running shoes and mountain bike in the car for a while now. Time for yourself and time for the family – in Bad Kleinkirchheim you’ll find the perfect holiday for your entire family.

Holidays with children in Carinthia – touching moments in Austria surrounded by nature

Moving in the fresh air of the mountains is not only fun, it is also healthy for all the family. The appropriate equipment for different types of sports is available in the sports schools and shops of Bad Kleinkirchheim. The Nockberge Mountains are a gigantic natural playground. And the mountains have plenty to offer for small scientists and nature detectives alike. You will enjoy your family holidays in Carinthia!


Family trips

Fun and games in Bad Kleinkirchheim. More than 100 excursion destinations are waiting for you in Carinthia. These trips are a cost-effective option for the entire family when undertaken with the Kärnten Card.
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Family celebrations

One day in the Nockberge Mountains – one celebration for the whole family!
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Summer holidays with children

The Nockberge Mountains – the best playground for little nature detectives.
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Playground for little nature detectives

Come and enjoy an expedition with your offspring in the Nockberge Mountains: here a groundhog, there a fawn. On the meadows of the Nockberge Mountains cows graze and butterflies dance in the air – there is so much to discover.

If the roosters are crowing in the Nockberge Mountains, the farmers have probably already been awake for a few hours. Mooing cows need to be milked early after all. Young foals also get hungry early. In the Nockberge Mountains you will also find numerous cultivated pastures. The shepherds are always happy to let little nature detectives look over their shoulder while they work.

Discover the nature of the Nockberge Mountains in Carinthia

How close can you get to shy deer? How old is the huge oak tree? See a small mountain lake here and a petting zoo there. And along the trail you’ll spot a groundhog. Deer stands may be in the distance. A doe can be seen grazing in the clearing. You will love your holidays with your family in Austria! A good question for your hikes: What animals leave their tracks in the Nockberge Mountains? This can be a fun guessing game for young and old alike. You should always pack binoculars in your backpack, so that your little detective can spot everything there is to see. And if you want to take home permanent memories of your child’s excitement, bring a camera along too.

Family holidays in Carinthia



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