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Cross-country skiing

Nordic fitness on the cross-country ski tracks around Bad Kleinkirchheim
In Bad Kleinkirchheim cross-country skiing enthusiasts are afforded the opportunity to practise their sport from November well into springtime. The holiday town of Bad Kleinkirchheim offers one cross-country ski track.

Glide around at a leisurely pace or give it your all whilst skating: the 8km long ski track in the valley is covered with snow from December and is perfect for gliding or skating. As soon as you have found your rhythm, you’ll discover the purest form of enjoyment in Carinthia. On the ski tracks of Bad Kleinkirchheim you will have a great view of the Nockberge Mountains and the breathtaking landscape.

Cross-country vitality tips

Cross-country skiing is considered to be one of the healthiest sports. And of course cross-country skiing in Carinthia is probably some of the best there is.
  • Cross-country skiing puts movement into your life: cross-country skiing trains numerous muscle groups from the neck down to the legs.
  • Stay young by cross-country skiing: regularly cross-country skiing is like a fountain of youth. Ski for 30 minutes a day, three times a week, and feel 20 years younger.
  • Cross-country skiing is good for the heart: cross-country skiing promotes good circulation and heart function without overloading the system. The optimal heart rate should fall between 160 and 180 beats per minute, minus your age.

The cross-country ski tracks in Carinthia’s Nockberge Mountains

  • Römerloipe ski track in Bad Kleinkirchheim – 8km

The Ski-school Krainer-Wulschnig offers trial lessons, group courses, private lessons and special trainings. Further information:
Daily information about the cross-county ski tracs: +43 4240 / 8212

Cross-country skiing



0043 4240 8212


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